Saturday, November 19, 2011

UFOs On 11/11/11

Here are some videos I found of UFOs that were recorded on 11/11/11. This first one was in Rockford
Illinois, click here >>>> .

This one was taken over Victorville show the typical orb shaped UFOs, click here >>>> .

This one was taken over Madrid, sorry amigos it's in Spanish only, click here >>>> .

Both of these videos were taken over Southern Louisiana, click here >>>> , and here >>>>

Another one taken over Jacksonville FL, click here >>>> .

And another one over Greensboro, NC, click here >>>> .

Still more this one was over Cinncinnati click here >>>>

Again over Ohio click here >>>> .

Here's one that seems to be following an airplane click here >>>> .

A lot of these videos can be explained away but I put them up as they are still unidentified.

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