Saturday, December 31, 2011

Entity Caught on Cell Phone

A strange being was caught on video during a camping trip in South America. A kid was filming his friends when a strange being runs behind them at super speed, the kid with the camera See's it and tells his friends and couple seconds later it runs by again but this time one of the other boys See's it too.

The up loader of the video called it a "dimensional being" but it could be from our dimension too, it could be something from another galaxy or in our own galaxy, even from another time who knows? When something moves that fast it might have been here all along and this is just one of the first times we've noticed one on video.

Could be fake, it was filmed with a phone so the quality is bad and that is easier to manipulate but who knows, with 400 billion stars in our galaxy and 200 billion galaxies you can bet sure as shit we are not alone and that life is always interested in other life, look how stupid we are and we study all animals and even insects.

 I think life is probably rare in space but that's why beings with far Superior intelligence would be interested in us the same as we would in them, if not more. And the more rare life is in the galaxy, the more interested they would be. But also remember that with that many stars a million other life forms would be considered "rare". Click here for the video  >>>>

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