Sunday, April 11, 2010

UFO Abducts Airplane

This video looks to good to be true, it shows a Airplane being chased by a UFO then it looks like it captures the airplane then shoots off. Some people say if the video is real why wasn't it reported on the news as a missing airplane? Well my answer to that is if this is real then maybe they simply dropped the plane off a mile in either direction when they brought it back, people do claim to just have missing time and no memory of what happened so maybe they were taken then brought back soon enough for no one of then to notice. Click here for the video>>

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ancient Technology

This video is part one of two, part two can be seen in the side bar once you click the link. It talks about ancient artifacts that were found that had technology far ahead of the time they existed. The documentary is a little over a hour.  Click here to watch >>>

HARRP = Earthquakes

Is the cause of all these earthquakes that we have been having lately because of experiments like HARRP? Click here for a video on HARRP and what it can do >>>  Here is a website that explains HARRP and earthquakes too>>>

Incredible UFO Footage

Here is a video I saw on Youtube that has some really interesting footage of UFOs and some that has  never been seen before . Click Here for link>>>>

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dorothy Izatt UFO encounters

Dorothy Izatt, From BC. Canada has seen UFOs her whole life and has alot of documented evidence of UFOs and aliens on video. She has had so many encounters in her life that they made a documentary with some of her video footage it's called "capturing the light" in it there is video evidence of UFOs and possible alien beings that she has encountered. Click here for a video of her story >>>>

Aliens Invade Montel Williams Show

Even Montel Williams is basing some of his shows on UFOs, I hope to see more talk show hosts doing shows involving aliens and not being ridiculed. here's a link to part of the episode