Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spiral over Canada is a Hoax

A new video surfaced a few days ago and it got my attention. It was a spiral seen over Canada, I was very interested when I heard that because I thought of all those other spirals that have been popping up around the world like Norway and China so I was busy looking into it, but it was all for nothing, and it turned out to be hoax. The first video I saw was a CGI and I thought this was a obvious fake and I was wasting my time but then alot of other videos appeared and the weather website had also done a report on it. That got me thinking that maybe there was something to this after all, and it could be real, so I started looking into it and the only explaination I have from what I saw and heard, it just looks like a hoax, and it looks like alot of people fell for it and still are. The secret government likes to do this once in a while it's called disinformation, that is were they send some yahoo's out and start fake stories to get the public thinking it's all fake and hopefully you will leave it alone. Well it did'nt work here nice try though.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jets scrambled and chase UFO over UK

Another news report of a UFO this time in the UK. Jets were scarmbled to chase a UFO on April 12 2010, former MOD UFO expert Nick Pope was the guest and gave his thoughts on the video. The British MOD was aksed if they had indeed sent Jets out after the object but failed to respond and only fueled the idea that they are hiding something. Click here for the link>>>

Friday, May 14, 2010

Video of Alien Jumping

Here is a video that starts with a UFO and ends with the camera guy switching to night vision to catch a alien jumping away several feet in the air. Click here for the video>>

What happened at the Battle of L.A.?

On the night of February 24th and early 25th 1942, in Los Angeles California a strange event took place. A UFO was sighted late that night on radar and by eyewitnesses. Since the US was at war with Japan because of the attack on Pearl Harbor the military thought it was the Japanese attacking and unleashed a barrage of anti aircraft fire.  They shot round after round at it and the only thing they hit was their own city. Here is a Video of the event>>>>>

UFO coverups and the Whitehouse

Here is a video on how the whitehouse covered up UFOs over the years and some of the sightings that took place around the whitehouse and the sightings that they knew about but either ignored it or covered it up. Also includes a story were they were shooting at a UFO. Click here for the first part of 5 videos >>>

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

UFOs in the Media, Again?

UFOs have once again made the news on CNN again, a UFO was filmed in Boca Raton in May 2010, >>>> CNN has done numerous reports on UFOs this year for some strange reason, like this one in Feb 2010, >>>> and this one on March 27 2010, about Japans first lady who witnessed a UFO herself, >>>>

CNN wasn't the only news cast has done reports involving UFOs lately, MSNBC has been reporting their share of UFOs too, such as this one in Feb 2010, over Hawaii, >>>> and a major flap of UFOs over Cleveland in March 2010, >>>>
WLTW has recently reported one too over Cincinnati Ohio, >>>>

 Larry King just did a special on it too. It was the most recent one were Stephen Hawking said if we made contact with aliens we would be wize to not try and communicate with them but I disagree, I have faith in our star brothers and they are probably mostly peaceful races but I am sure there are some not so nice ones too.(Check my other Post for link for the Larry King special).

They have been reported on the news over seas as well, here is one from the UK on april 12 2010, >>> And another UK news channel >>>> And the Japans first lady sighting as mentioned above was shown on news channels world wide. BBC has also had reports on UFOs this year like this one on Feb 18 2010,

Here is another one from Dominican Republic in April 16 2010, >>>>, and this one taken from a Russian news channel earlier this year, >>>> This one is was taken in Sydney on March 21 2010, >>>> This video is from various news channels one of them was Fox news, >>>>

They have even been showing up on the news by accident like this one that appeared on the screen while they were doing a report on a volcano in Iceland, >>>> BBC has caught them inadvertently during a broadcast too, >>>>

 They've been reported on almost every major news channel lately and they keep coming. I for one am saying "it's about time!" just keep them coming guys and we will force the truth out thats been hidden from us for too long. I am just curious as to why they are suddenly interested in UFOs are the Mayans right? will there alien Gods return On December 21 2012, are they programing us through the media to accept whats coming? This was only a fraction of what has gone on this year, there is even more but I think you get the idea.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stephen Hawking Believes Aliens Exist

Stephen Hawkin has a new show it's called  "Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking" and his first show was on aliens and how he thinks they may look and live. It shows how diverse life could be in space and what if the aliens were hostile and how much more advanced they could be than us. Here is a link to Hawkings new show>>>

Saturday, May 1, 2010

UFO Special on Larry King Live

Larry King did another show about aliens again, Stephen Hawkin was one of the guests and he says he thinks aliens do exist and how they could be a threat, a couple of the other guests were Dan Aykroyed and Dr Michio Kaku. They talked about why they think that aliens could be hostile or friendly. We are one more step closer to disclosure. here is the link>>>