Saturday, January 29, 2011

Very Convincing Piece Of UFO Footage *UPDATE*

*UPDATED* (THIS IS A HOAX!) This is just a part of a viral marketing scheme or disinformation to screw with us. In Jerusalem, Israel at 1am  January 28th a large ball shaped UFO was caught on tape, at around one minute into the video the UFO descends almost to the ground. The craft just hovers there for a little while, then you see a flash of light (not sure if it was being shot at or what?) then it just shoots straight up in the sky.

Shortly after that you can see some red lights in the sky that are blinking as if they are all part of one large object, (possible mother ship for the smaller object). Hopefully more video from other people will surface to rule out CGI. If this is real it would be some of the best UFO footage ever seen. Click here for the link >>>>>

New UFO Video Filmed Over B.C. Canada

A UFO was filmed over Vancouver Island on January 22, 2011. They filmed the strange object for a while which adds credibility to the story. What ever he was filming was actually there and it looks big. Click here for the video >>>

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Its Offical We Are Having a Pole Shift

All the nay Sayer's are eating humble pie on this one, remember when this topic first came out it was laughed at? well no one is laughing now it is happening. The Magnetic pole has shifted so much that they have to remark the runways at airports their compasses are no longer in line with them. Soon it will be all over the place in sporadic areas then it will do a full flip.

This is a sign of bigger things to come, disclosure will happen soon this is all about a coming event. Our level of consciousness is expanding, people are waking up more and more everyday including myself. Here is the video >>>>>

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

UFO Filmed from Plane Window

On January 1st 2011, while flying on a small Cessna aircraft to view the famous Nazca Lines a video was taken from the plane window of a UFO. During the flight they ran into a storm front which in itself is strange for that part of the country and hiding in the clouds was this disc shaped craft. The craft was so close to the plane that it was considered a "near miss".

Unknown to the tourist was the disk shaped UFO he recorded and did not notice it until they returned to their room later on and viewed the tape. Watch it in HD to see it clearly the lower resolution is too crappy to see it for what it is. Click here for the video >>>

Alien Caught in Trap in Mexico

In may of 2007, a small alien was caught in a rat trap in Mexico. The farmer that caught it drown it out of fear. Since then researchers have done numerous tests on the strange creature. What they found made it even more mysterious.

 The alien was first thought to be a skinned monkey but the tests proved not only did it have skin but the skin was close to human and reptilian combined. The creature has a large brain cavity which suggests intelligence. The researchers also could not find a DNA match of the creature and have no idea what it is or where it come from. Click here for a video >>>>

Saturday, January 8, 2011

UFOs over Russia Update!

Another interesting video from Russia. This video was filmed on January 7 2011, in Russia Moscow. At two minutes into the video you can see another object shows up, maybe it was a probe returning a sample to the ship, take a look. Click here for the video >>> 

Here is another video of an object that looks very close to this one, it was filmed two months earlier by the same indvidual. Click here >>>>

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

UFOs over Santiago Chile

Here is a good UFO video taken on December 17, 2010, in Santiago Chile. It shows some awesome footage of UFOs in some crazy formations over the city. Click here to watch >>>>

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Famous Allagash Abductions

The Allagash incident happened in August of 1976,  twin brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, along with their friends Chuck Rak and Charlie went on a trip to Allagash. While canoeing, they reached Eagle Lake, padding to it's mouth to do some night fishing. Before leaving the bank, they built an extremely large campfire to be a landmark light from the water.

While on the lake, the four suddenly saw a light... a light that seemed much brighter than a star. The glowing orb was hovering over the trees a couple of hundred yards away. The object changed colors as it moved back and forth red, then green, then a whitish yellow.

The object was huge it estimated to be about 80 feet in diameter. The object slowly moved across the tops of the trees along the bank, and as it came closer to the four fishermen, one of the men signaled with his flashlight. Immediately, the object silently moved toward the canoe. It came so close to them the men said they could "throw a stone at it and hit it" Frightened they paddled as fast as they could, suddenly a hollow light came from the object, engulfing the men and their canoe.

 The next thing the men knew, they were standing on the bank again. Charlie pointed his flashlight toward the object again, but this time it rose up and out of their view, it then showed it's beam once more and disappeared into the sky.

Wondering what the hell just happened, the men were shocked to see their fire was now out. This should have taken several hours, and the four friends thought, "What happened to the last couple of hours?"

The men then left and returned to their normal lives but little did they know the UFO would have a profound effect on their lives.

Jack Weiner was the first to start having nightmares. In these dreams, he saw beings with long necks, and large heads. He saw the beings examining his arm, while Jim, Chuck, and Charlie sat on a nearby bench, paralyzed.

 He describes the beings having large metallic glowing eyes with no lids, and their hands were insect-like, with four fingers. The other three men were experiencing very similar dreams, with flashbacks of that frightful night on the lake. In 1988, Jim Weiner attended a UFO conference were he met a investigator named Raymond Fowler.

Weiner told Fowler of his strange encounter. The investigator was excited about Jim's story, especially since this was a multiple witness occurrence. Fowler suggested to Jim that he and the others undergo regressive hypnosis. After the sessions, it was revealed that all four of the men had been abducted, and subjected to humiliating physical examinations, including the taking of skin and fluid samples. Click here for a video about it from "Unsolved Mysteries" >>>

Strange lights over Portland OR

On December 22nd 2010, in Portland OR at 1:23AM a strange object with flashing lights that changed color was caught on video flying through the city. Click here for the video >>>>

UFOs filmed all over the World on New Years Eve

There were UFOs filmed all over the world on NYE 2011. They are trying to communicate with us, trying let us know they exist. Why else would they appear in the skies when they know everyone will be looking up at the fire works?

The governments around the world are trying to stop them from telling us we don't have to live this way, with wars over fossil fuels we don't need anymore. They don't want you to know that we have the technology to have free energy already.

We are destroying our planet and these beings are trying to warn us but our corrupt government don't want that, they will lose control over us once we have free energy. They don't want to lose their power, they like controlling everyone and everything. They need you to stay at their shitty jobs they give and keep buying their new toys that they use to distract you from what is really going on.

That is why they try and make the UFO subject so taboo so no one will want to admit what they saw, they make you scared of the repercussions, like sounding crazy or the public or your peers rejecting you because of what you saw and believe. They want you to believe what they tell you to and do what you are told and that's it!

Here are some more NYE 2011, UFO videos. This one was filmed over Lincoln UK. >>>>>

This one is from Sydney >>>>

Another one over Stockholm Sweden. >>>>

This one was filmed in Laguna Philippines, >>>>

Another one, this time over Long Island NY. >>>>>

And yet again this time over Hawaii >>>>

More UFOs on New Years Eve 2011

More UFOs yet again on NYE, this time it was Filmed over Hampton Park, Victoria, Australia at 12:10 am.It was also witnessed by about 10-15 people in the street outside celebrating the new year. Click here for the video >>>>>

UFOs New Years California

UFOs were over California on new years eve. There was a formation of strange lights that were hovering in the sky on new years eve. Click here to watch >>>>

UFO over Boston on New Years Eve

There was a possible UFO over Boston during the fireworks display for new years. It could be an earthly object considering the speed but it was still not an average looking object so I thought I would post it for you all to look at. Check it out here >>>