Sunday, March 20, 2011

Giant UFO the Night of the Super Moon

This is some of the best UFO footage I have seen. And guess what? It shows up the night of the super moon, over Kansas this time. You get a close up of the UFO then it does a crazy maneuver, this is wild! Disclosure very soon people I can feel it. Click here for the video >>>>

Major UFO Activity with Super Moon

This Is beginning to look like a horror movie or something "Night of the Super Moon". Once again more UFOs were caught on a super moon video.

In Clearwater beach, FL someone taking pictures and videos of the Super Moon around 10:58 PM caught this. Click here for the video >>>>

More UFOs By The Super Moon

Only once in a "blue moon" this would ever happen, another video of the "Super moon " or "Blue moon" with UFOs has surfaced, this time with 3 UFOs in a triangle formation just above the super moon. Click here for the video >>>>

UFOs Appear with Super Moon

The "Super moon" is today March19,2011,and people are already posting videos of UFOs check these out. The first one is from London and shows a UFO zooming across the lunar landscape. Click here for the Video >>>> .

This next one looks like the same object but it's from another person and has a different trajectory. Click here for the video >>>> .