Wednesday, December 8, 2010

UFO Crash in 1897 AuroraTexas with Alien Body

  An extraordinary event took place in Aurora Texas on April 19, 1897, there were reports of an alleged UFO crash and a burial of its alien pilot in the local cemetery. Keep in mind that this happened before the wright brothers even flew.

  It was reported that a UFO hit a windmill and exploded into pieces scattering debris over a few acres of land. There was nothing back then that could do anything like that, especially explode and destroy a windmill, so all the piss poor balloon excuses won't work here balloons don't cause that kind of damage.

  It was said that they found the alien pilot still alive and they tried to nurse it back to heath inside a local barn. The alien did not survive however and was buried in a local cemetery.

  The people that witnessed the bizarre event said that there was fragments of the UFO and they kept pieces of the wreckage. The pieces that were found was a type of metal that would have been impossible to make back then. Click here for a video from YouTube of the alleged incident >>>>>