Monday, July 12, 2010

UFO in background during live News Broadcast

A UFO appeared behind a news anchor during a live broadcast. It slowly moves behind a building as the news anchor reports the news unaware of the more interesting, bigger news happening right behind him. Oh god! the irony. Click here to watch>>>>>

UFO follows plane over Alberta Canada

In February 2010, a UFO was caught on video following a plane over Alberta Canada. This one looks pretty real, hopefully someone on that plane saw the UFO to give more credit to this case, looks interesting. Click here to watch>>>>

Beam of light makes Crop Circle

A beam of light supposed to have made a crop circle in the UK in May of this year in Wiltshire. The crop circle was said to have appeared soon after the beam of light hit the crop. Click here for the video>>>

New Crop Circles of 2010

Here are some video links of new crop circles this year. The first one has the song "Dreamer" by Ozzy in the back ground :).

This is supposed to be the first crop circle of 2010, we will have to wait and see maybe others have earlier footage that they never released to the public.

Note if you are viewing this from somewhere other that my website and the links not working go to my blog for the links Here>>>>>

Is this crop circle Depicting the GP oil Spill?

Here is a video of a crop circle thats going around the net lately, and many people think that it's depicting the oil spill in the Gulf ? What do you think it means ? Click here to watch>>>>

Another video of Giant UFOs Orbiting the Sun

There is another video of the huge UFOs that were orbiting the sun late 2009, this one shows a lot more and some new ones around Venus as well. What else could be that large and that close to the sun other than a artificial structure? What could with stand that heat?
Click here for the video >>>>>>>

UFO making chem trail over N.Y.

Strange looking aircraft was flying over N.Y. leaving a noticable chem trail behind. They are not even trying to hide it anymore they just do it in broad daylight but not to many people really notice anyway, good thing for our friend with the camera so we can see it. This looks like it is a experimental aircraft from military IMO. Click here for the vid>>>>>>>>>

Another video of the UFO over China

Here is another video of the UFO that shut down the airport in China, this one has photographs that were takenof the object. click here to watch>>>