Saturday, January 23, 2010

Are UFOs Begining To Be Accepted In Society?

Are UFO's being accepted more in todays society? If so why are they? First off lets answer the first question which I think is a obvious, YES! Heres why I think so.

 If I was to tell someone 50 years ago that I saw a UFO they would either start laughing at me, or run in fear that I just escaped from somewhere with padded walls, but today, they would probably just ask me if I got it on my phone.

Nowadays you can log onto Youtube and every month theres hundreds of new videos of UFO's. There has also been a huge boost in media, 15 years ago you rarely saw it on TV, once in a while you would get the odd documentary but thats it. Now, Larry King is doing specials on it and there showing sightings on the six o'clock NEWS, even that old mini series "V" is making a comeback .

 Another thing I noticed is the rise of UFO's and aliens in movies, just off the top of my head I can think of alot of recent ones, Aliens In The Attic, Monsters vs Aliens, The Fourth Kind, The Knowing Planet 51, The Forgotten, District 9, The Transformers are aliens, Race To Witch Mountain, even the newest Indiana Jones movie had to do with aliens it even had a giant UFO at the end.

The Vatican just said its ok to believe in aliens? Why would they say that? and why now, why not 50 years ago? I think the answer is what I have been talking about with you, that it's more accepted in todays society.

 I am one of those conspiracy nuts who thinks that the government knew about aliens a long time ago and they have been hiding it all these years until they thought we could handle it, but guess what jack? WE "CAN" HANDLE THE TRUTH! This isn't 1938, we will not have the "Orson Wells" reaction so just come out with it already.

 Alot of other countries are releasing there ufo files, the UK, France, Mexico, we are just waiting for the US. There are already alot of government officials that are believers,former Governor of Arizona Fife Symington, congressman Dennis Kucinich Canadas former defence minister Paul Hellyer to name a few. So is today the day I have been waiting so long for ? Where I can say "I SAW A UFO" and no one thinks I am a couple sandwiches short of a picnic?