Wednesday, July 7, 2010

UFOs Battle in Medieval Times

UFOs were reported throughout the medieval period. St Gregory claimed that in 584 CE, bright rays of light which seemed to cross and collide with one another and that he saw Golden globes on several different occasions flashing across the sky at great speeds. Another event took place in 457 CE, Conrad Wolffart a professor at the University of Basel from 1539 said that " A blazing thing like a globe was seen in the sky. Its size was immense and on its beams, one of which stretched beyond France, and the other reached toward Ireland, and ended in fire, like rays" 

The morning of 1561 proved to be one of the strangest events in history, this may have been the first recorded war of the worlds, only our world was just the battle ground. Blue, black and red balls along with disks and blood red crosses that emerged from 2 huge black cylinders and battled in the skies over Nuremberg Germany. Here is a picture of a woodcut made by Han Glaser of the event.

Even more astounding was that a similar event took place 5 years later, on August 7th 1566, the same black spheres were seen fighting again, this time over Basel Germany this time the balls would either vanish or appeared to be "consumed" by the other. Here is another woodcut from that event.

Eerie lights over Lake Erie

For five nights in a row a UFO has appeared over lake Erie, and a Euclid resident has it all on video. Fox news 8 did a report on it click here for more>>>>>>

Link for the documentary "I know what I Saw"

Here is good documentary on UFOs I saw a little while ago but I thought I would post it here for those of you who haven't, the only down side for me was it has alot of information that I already saw or read about but for those of you who haven't done a lot of research on UFOs it would be a very good source. It has alot of different cases and evidence, with a lot of high profile witnesses. (no Bobby Joe's from the trailer park) and some really good video's as well. Click Here for the link....>>>