Monday, September 27, 2010

Video From the UFO Press Conference held in Washington "UFOs & Nukes"

Here are some videos from YouTube taken from the UFO conference today. The first one is from Captain Salas and his encounters with UFOs. Click here for the video >>>

This next video is from Former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dwayne Arneson and his UFO experiences. Click here for the Video >>>

This last video is of  Former Air Force Official Bill Jameson and what he experienced. Click here >>>

Will people pay attention to it this time or is it going to be swept under the rug like the last few attempts to inform the public?

Another Video of the UFO Press conference (UPDATED)

Here is a YouTube video from RT, that talks about UFOs shutting down missiles, one of the topics that will be discussed at the UFO press conference today in Washington. Click here for the video >>>>

Here is another video from  Captain Robert Salas, one of the speakers at the UFO conference from a Fox News report.

Here is another video from Fox News talking about the UFO conference and other UFO news.

UFO Press Club CNN Video Link

Here is a link to the latest video from CNN of the press conference held today on Sept 27 2010, in Washington. Click here for the link >>>>

Updated Information on the UFO press Club in Washington

Here is a video from The Morning Show that aired earlier today, (Sept 27, 2010,) on the Press conference today in Washington. One of the reporters said that they "didn't even know this event was happening today until they were asked to check in to it" that just goes to show you how much of an effort they are putting into this. They are putting more effort hiding it. Click here for the video>>>