Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alien Abduction Caught On Tape!

          A UFO was caught on a surveillance camera in russia.The video shows a ball of light that abducts a man in the middle of the street. Stranger yet, two kids caught the same freaking thing on a cell phone. In the surveillance video you can even see the two kids there, one of them was sitting on a cannon, the other was filming. Heres a link for the first one UFO RUSSIA and heres the second one.

John Titor

       John Titor claimed he was a time traveler from the year 2036, who came back to the 1970's and again in 2000-2001. His first stop was to get a old IBM computer and bring it back to the future with him. He then stopped in the year 2000, and stayed till 2001, which in that time he made some prophecies on the internet on different chat lines, and explained alot of details of his time machine and why he was here. Some of them still exist today and you can read yourself just google "John Titor Chat".
     Most of his prophecies were wrong but he said his timeline was different then ours, and that somethings wouldn't be the same anyway. Also, Y2K happened for his world, which caused a civil war in his time. Some people speculate that he stopped Y2K for us and thats why the war never happened for our timeline. A couple of his prophecies did come true however eg: He said that a building will be missing out of the NY skyline,(a couple of months before 911) He also talked about cern and there studies with blackholes before they even knew. He also stated that the research they did there contributed to time travel, thats yet to be seen of course.
   The knowledge he had of the IBM computer he needed was uncanny, details and things it did that only a few people that built it knew about, which makes it even more mysterious. Crackpot or not its a very interesting story and i enjoyed researching it. Heres a good website for more on john titor.

Hubble See's 13.2 Billion Years In The Past!

            Nasa has announced on January 5th, 2010, that the Hubble telescope can now see 13.2 billion years, back in time, farther than ever before in space and time, only a mere 6 to 8 million years after the big bang. Nasa is now getting images of primordial galaxies billions of years old. This will show astronomers for the first time how galaxies grew from a small cluster of stars, to the big galaxies you see today. Because light has a speed limit, the farther a object is, the farther back in time we can see, this is how the Hubble can literally see 'Back in time'.

Spiral seen Over Norway Appeared In China In 1988

The spiral over norway aparently wasnt the first time this has happenend. China first experienced this phenomena in 1988, The offical explanation was that it was a failed russian missile,which is bullshit because you would have saw the missile in one of the pictures or video. And the russians are saying it wasn't theres. Heres a link for the one in  norway. Heres the one in china.

Is The Fourth Kind Footage Real?

The footage in the movie The Fourth Kind was supposed to be real but, after searching the web for 2 months i found that there isnt much out there, either its being covered up or, it doesn't exist.

It's most likely just footage that they made. The Dr and the sheriff in the movie are real people but deny that anything from the movie was true. I also couldn't find anything about her missing daughter either......too bad i was hoping for some soild evidence.