Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Spirial This Time Over Russia

Spirals have been filmed in Norway, China and Australia, now you can add Russia to the list. The most popular one was the Norway spiral, click HERE . The BS excuse they gave was a missile but one problem is there was no missile in sight anywhere and if it was people would have heard it and seen the missile itself. Some people believe that these are wormholes that spacecraft use to travel.

 You can hear planes flying in the sky you would most certainly hear a missile. It would be very loud but there was no sound so there excuse was BS. This most recent on was filmed over Russia on November 19, 2011. Click here for the video >>>>

UFOs Over Norway

Earlier this month (November) some UFOs were caught on video over Norway in a triangle formation and another lone orb flies into the frame later. People have been filming and reporting these same type of UFOs all over the globe and they are usually in a triangle formation. Some of these are one solid ship and not three different UFOs or orbs. Click here for the video >>>>