Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Video of Strange worm like Object

He is a video just posted on YouTube December 2010, it shows a UFO making unusual patterns in the sky. Click here for the video >>>> .What really got my attention is that a woman named Dorothy Izatt filmed this same thing years ago in BC Canada. Click here to see her video of the same worm like object >>> .

I think that it is possible that the UFO is moving too fast and as a result you get the worm like image, is this the same type of craft that Dorothy filmed over her house years ago in BC? Whatever it is, it looks interesting and hopefully it is not a fake.

Look At This Another Armada Of UFOs

Another Fleet of UFOs was caught on video over Saratoga on 12/09/2010. The video shows a massive fleet of UFOs similar to the ones taken over Mexico in 1991. Click here to watch >>>

Ancient Carving Discovered in China of UFO and Alien

On  Saturday November 27, 2010, carving showing what appears to be an ancient alien astronaut and UFO has been found near a historical site between Guanxi and Guangdong.
The carving is at least three thousand years old. It is believed by the Chinese that aliens arriving in UFOs laid the foundations of Chinese civilization. Click here for the Video