Saturday, November 19, 2011

UFOs over Santiago Chile

There was a fleet of UFOs caught on video over Santiago Chile earlier this year. These videos show the objects performing strange maneuvers. There was multiple witnesses and different video from separate people which added to the credibility to the sighting A lot of comments were made on this video saying it was skydivers (the new bullshit excuse for every UFO fleet now). These are clearly not skydivers, skydivers can't go back up.

I seen that same piss poor excuse too many times now and it is getting old. I think these losers need to jump out of a plane and see how gravity works for themselves maybe then they will realize you can't go back up or hover in the sky.

At certain angles if you are filming "ONE" object it can have that optical illusion that it is moving up but when there is more than one object relative to one another you can compare them and see which ones are moving up and down, also use the background for a reference. Click here for the video >>>> .

Here is another video of the same event but from another person and angle, click here >>>>

UFOs Over Phoenix

Here's a video of some strange objects taken on November 2, 2011 over Phoenix, click here >>>>

UFOs On 11/11/11

Here are some videos I found of UFOs that were recorded on 11/11/11. This first one was in Rockford
Illinois, click here >>>> .

This one was taken over Victorville show the typical orb shaped UFOs, click here >>>> .

This one was taken over Madrid, sorry amigos it's in Spanish only, click here >>>> .

Both of these videos were taken over Southern Louisiana, click here >>>> , and here >>>>

Another one taken over Jacksonville FL, click here >>>> .

And another one over Greensboro, NC, click here >>>> .

Still more this one was over Cinncinnati click here >>>>

Again over Ohio click here >>>> .

Here's one that seems to be following an airplane click here >>>> .

A lot of these videos can be explained away but I put them up as they are still unidentified.