Saturday, October 30, 2010

Their Baaaaack! UFOs over NY once Again!

More strange lights appear over New York city, these are images taken from a stationary web cam taken over a span of a few days. It shows more UFOs hovering of the big apple, what are they? Why do they keep returning and do they have anything to do with the UFOs that were hovering there just a few weeks ago? Click here for the video. >>>>

Possible Time Traveler caught on old silent movie

This is weird, here is some footage of an old Charlie Chaplin movie with something very strange in it. It show what appears to be a older woman talking on a cell phone at a time in our history when no electronic hand held devices existed, the only thing that would resemble anything like this would be the first transistor radios (they were also a lot bigger than what she was holding) that weren't invented for another 20 years, also you wouldn't be talking into it.

The woman herself looks strange, from her pointy shoes, to the coat she was wearing, it looked like it was big enough to hide the delorean from "Back to the Future " under it, not to mention she looks like a man in drag? I don't know anything that small other than a cell phone and she is talking into it. The first cell phones were huge! look how big the phone was in "Hot tub time machine" and that was the 80's.

So even if it was an experimental phone of some kind it should be a lot bigger but nothing existed like that back then and if it did, it would be the size of a car with a big antenna. So what the hell is it? Some people think that this is proof of a time traveler, what do you think? Click here for the video >>>>

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fleet of UFOs Over NY

On October 13, 2010, there was a fleet of UFOs over NY that were almost identical to the ones seen over Mexico numerous times. (click here for the Mexico UFOs >>>

The unidentified flying objects over Manhattan were also a prediction made by a retired NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham. In a recent book, he claimed that on October 13th, (the same day of the sighting) a fleet of UFOs would hover over the world's principal cities. Could this be the UFOs he was referring too? Click here to watch the video >> . Click here for another video of the objects >>> .