Thursday, November 17, 2011

Strange Being caught on CCTV

Greetings earthlings, sorry I haven't been posting much lately I am going to college and I haven't found the time to look for any material lately, but I will be a little more stubborn with and make time. The good news is that I am taking photoshop, dreamweaver and fireworks and a few other programs that will help me identify hoaxes better since I am working with the same tools the hoaxers use.

 I will post a few articles this weekend and catch up on what I missed the last little while. In the mean time check this video out of a CCTV video showing a strange being fly in and out of the frame. ,

Normally I would just dismiss this as a hoax but you can see the witnesses come into frame shortly after this thing flies away. I also analyzed the video a bit and all the reflections and shadows line up. So if this a hoax they really went out of their way and spent a lot of time on this one. Click here for the video >>>>