Saturday, December 11, 2010

New UFO video from Japan

A new video has surfaced of some strange objects in the sky over a volcano in December 2010, this was recorded at Sakurajima River National Highway Office Kyushu Regional Development Bureau Ministry of Land in Japan. It is some type of a weather station that has cameras monitoring the Sakurajima volcano. Looks interesting have a look. Click here >>>

UFOs appear during Eclipse is this a Pattern?

I have noticed a trend that seems to occur during eclipses. Since videos cameras started to be common among the public, UFOs are filmed more often and we can now see patterns of when they seem to appear.

One of the patterns is during eclipses, here are videos that I have found that show UFOs around the world during eclipses. This first one was taken over China in July of 2009. >>>

This one appears during a solar eclipse over Mexico on July 11th, 1991. >>> Here is different camera angles taken by different people of the same event >>>

This one was filmed in Ghana shortly after a solar eclipse >>>

Here is one UFO filmed in Italy during the March 3 2007 lunar Eclipse. >>>

Another one while recording the lunar eclipse of 8/28/07 there is a small elongated object passing in front of the moon. >>>

This is a UFO in Kentucky during eclipse caught on video on August 28, 2007 >>>

So why do they seem to appear during eclipses? I think it is because they want to make themselves noticed by the public but the government covers them up so they pick times when they know a lot of people are looking at the sky.

Video of various Swarms of UFOs around the World

This is a very good video of various fleets of UFOs filmed around the world. That wasn't the first time this has been filmed over Mexico however, they also appeared in the early 90's and in 2005.  Click here to watch the video >>>>>

Strange lights over Rome

Strange lights where filmed over Rome, Italy in September of 2010. The poster of the video says to look at " 3:53 the first UFO to the left" released a small object but I found one at 1:56 as well. There is a light that comes streaking down from the top of the screen to the bottom. Click here to have a look >>>>