Saturday, January 30, 2010


NASA satellite "Stereo Behind" has taken images of some very large UFOs next to the sun, that are supposedly in its orbit. It has been said that the strange objects have been there since January 18th, 2010. I know that you can see the other planets like this as well but, I don't think they are that close together. It also appears to be reflecting light, like its made out of some type of metal. Leave me a comment and Let me know what you think they are.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Are UFOs Begining To Be Accepted In Society?

Are UFO's being accepted more in todays society? If so why are they? First off lets answer the first question which I think is a obvious, YES! Heres why I think so.

 If I was to tell someone 50 years ago that I saw a UFO they would either start laughing at me, or run in fear that I just escaped from somewhere with padded walls, but today, they would probably just ask me if I got it on my phone.

Nowadays you can log onto Youtube and every month theres hundreds of new videos of UFO's. There has also been a huge boost in media, 15 years ago you rarely saw it on TV, once in a while you would get the odd documentary but thats it. Now, Larry King is doing specials on it and there showing sightings on the six o'clock NEWS, even that old mini series "V" is making a comeback .

 Another thing I noticed is the rise of UFO's and aliens in movies, just off the top of my head I can think of alot of recent ones, Aliens In The Attic, Monsters vs Aliens, The Fourth Kind, The Knowing Planet 51, The Forgotten, District 9, The Transformers are aliens, Race To Witch Mountain, even the newest Indiana Jones movie had to do with aliens it even had a giant UFO at the end.

The Vatican just said its ok to believe in aliens? Why would they say that? and why now, why not 50 years ago? I think the answer is what I have been talking about with you, that it's more accepted in todays society.

 I am one of those conspiracy nuts who thinks that the government knew about aliens a long time ago and they have been hiding it all these years until they thought we could handle it, but guess what jack? WE "CAN" HANDLE THE TRUTH! This isn't 1938, we will not have the "Orson Wells" reaction so just come out with it already.

 Alot of other countries are releasing there ufo files, the UK, France, Mexico, we are just waiting for the US. There are already alot of government officials that are believers,former Governor of Arizona Fife Symington, congressman Dennis Kucinich Canadas former defence minister Paul Hellyer to name a few. So is today the day I have been waiting so long for ? Where I can say "I SAW A UFO" and no one thinks I am a couple sandwiches short of a picnic?

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Abbreviation UFO Is Often Misinterpreted

UFO stands for unidentified flying object, and when we talk about UFOs we are generally talking about a alien spacecraft, hence when you see videos on youtube that say they caught a UFO on video, they think its a alien space craft they caught, but they call it a UFO, here's an example. that's not what UFO means it doesn't stand for alien spacecraft and because we identified it as being a spacecraft its no longer unidentified. So why do we call it a UFO? At least it should be called a IFO an identified flying object, lol. Sometimes we do hear it referred to as "Flying Saucer", but that's not accurate either, because some of them are shaped like "triangles" or "cigars" even balls of light like the "Foo Fighters" of WW II. I believe it should be changed to something that makes more sense like, a AFO, a Alien flying Object. Or a ETV that's sounds cool a Extra Terrestrial Vehicle. In future pubs I make, I think I may start to refer to it as a ETV, after all it does make more sense than UFO, and it sounds better, like a ATV or RV we all know what those stand for, so people should be able to remember it fairly easy.

When I was a kid I thought a UFO literally meant a alien spacecraft (I know what your thinking, stupid kid!) and when I found out what it really meant I was disappointed because to me it was almost like it discredited it a little. When I thought of UFO as meaning a spaceship it seemed more real to me, like they existed and that's what there called, then i found out that it meant unidentified flying object and it took away the validity a little for me. I bet when your learning English as a second language it confuses them a little too. So lets call it a ETV and avoid the confusion. What do all of you think of the idea? leave me a comment if you like it or not ,or leave a comment of what you think it should be called I am all ears. I would also like to hear from someone that has English as a second language and see if they misinterpreted it. Thanks for reading, and live long and prosper, Alien out.

Crop Circles, How Two Idiots With Boards Ruined What Should Be A Serious Subject

I remember the first time I heard of the two guys in England that hoaxed some crop circles with just rope and boards, it was on a TV special I saw when I was around 12.

 I lived on a farm and all we had was 'peasant vision' 3 channels and the 2 that showed semi decent stuff once in a while where usually snowy crap. So anything that was Paranormal was super rare and I often waited weeks in anticipation for them, so when I heard that a show of crop circles was coming I was stoked.

Well the day finally arrived, my father and I (Another Paranormal Lover) were all set to watch the show, the channel was nice and clear for a change, we had some popcorn, this was going to be great! I thought.

Well to my surprise here was this show that had these two smiling idiots with ropes and boards. I still remember that angry feeling in the pit of my stomach I had when it showed this guy with that arrogant smirk on his face stomping on this board and how this was supposed to be the solid evidence that explained everything and solved the mystery of crop circles.

Even at the age of 12 I was not going to accept that these two idiots with boards where responsible for all these beautiful and complex crop circles in the world, so from then on I had even more incentive to read every book and article I could find on crop circles.

One of the best articles I ever read (which to this day i can't find anywhere damn it! but I managed to locate a website that's similar, here's the link was on how the molecular structure of the wheat has changed and there was signs that it had been heated or steamed because the nodes where blown out.

It also appeared to be as if the wheat was laid down not trampled or stepped on, and that it was somehow woven together. I remember thinking to myself lets see that smiling idiot with his board do that!

This in turn, got me me thinking back on how they where damaging the wheat with there board and that they had to have been making foot prints every where too. How would anyone not notice the signs they would have left behind foot prints, marks on he plants, broken stems things like that.

I grew up on a farm I know how easily wheat can be bruised and that if you even touched it it would leave a mark. This really got the little hamster running on the wheel in my head, and reminded me of a video I saw on crop circles and how there was no evidence that anyone was ever there, no foot prints coming in or out of it and the wheat was unscathed.

Some of them were gigantic and were made in only a few hours with very complex geometrical patterns. I also remember reading about a case where a farmer reported seeing several thousand square feet of grain laid down gracefully in just a few seconds.

 I think if it wasn't for those two idiots with boards the subject of crop circles wouldn't be so taboo, and all this amazing evidence that is out there would be taken seriously.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Paranormal TV is showing full length documentaries and videos on Youtube for FREE! Here's a list of 10 of them that focus on UFO's. If your into paranormal documentaries go check it out, they have a ton of videos on lots of other paranormal topics like ghosts, monsters and the supernatural. They are not your typical Youtube length either, most of them are just under or over an hour, enjoy.

  • Tales Of the Unexplained: UFO chronicles.
  • UFO's Best Evidence, Government Cover-up.
  • Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape.
  • Monsters Of The UFO: Incident At Kelly.
  • The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone.
  • The Secret Nasa Transmissions.
  • UFO's The Best Evidence: The Visitors.
  • Top Secret Files: Rosewell Top Secret.
  • Stanton Friedman Is Real.
  • The Journey: The UFO Case Of Anthony Woods.

UFO Shoots Out A Laser!

     Here's a cool video of a UFO taken in Pittsburgh on October 10, 2009, by Alison Kruse. It shows infrared vision of a UFO at night. The UFO shoots a laser beam over a forest, for some unknown reason. She went back the next day and looked for any signs from the laser such as, burn marks, but was unable to find anything. She claims that she has seen these objects all summer and has lots of other videos to prove it. HERE'S THE LINK>>>>

Pilot dies Chasing UFO

        On January 7, 1948, residents at Maysville, Owensboro and Irvington had reported a UFO moving at a erratic pace. Numerous witnesses including a base commander seen it.

 Discriptions of the object was that it was white and looked like an upside down ice-cream cone. Four F-51s, were sent to investigate it, one of them was Captian Thomas Mantell. At 15000ft two of Mantells wingmen returned to Godman air field, there aircraft lacked oxygen.

When they reached the UFO Mantell radioed the control tower that the UFO was "metallic and tremendous in size". The two remaining wingmen dropped out they told Mantell that they were abandoning the intercept, but Mantell didn't respond, he made no further contact and continued to climb. At 3:15 his aircraft was missing, a search was launched immediately.

Just after 5:00pm the wreckage of his plane was found. The cause of the crash was later determined to be due to his lack of oxygen, which caused him to black out, and crash the plane.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UFO At Fatima

        In 1917, May 13th, 10 year old Lucia dos Santos and her two cousins saw an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, this continued until October. As the months went by it continued to draw larger and larger crowds and by October 13, had over 70000 people gathered.

On that same day It was pouring rain but that didn't detour the witnesses who saw the usual vision, but as it disappeared the rain stopped suddenly and the clouds parted to reveal this bright pearly disk that was spinning and emitting rays of colored lights.

It then stopped spinning and desended like a falling leaf, This scared the people, they thought the sun was falling from the sky and they all dropped to there knees. The disk then flew back up and disappeared ito the sun. The ground and the people who were soaked from the downpour was now completely dry.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Close Encounters Scale!

Here is a list of the different types of encounters there are.
  • Close Encounters Of The First Kind: UFOSs are seen.
  • Close Encounters Of The Second Kind: UFOs are seen and cause physical effects on humans, objects or animals.
  • Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: Aliens are seen in or around UFOs.
  • Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind: UFOs abduct humans.
  • Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind: Humans contact UFOs by conventional means or telepathy.

Former Astronaut Says Aliens Exist!

             Former Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell said that aliens are real, and that they been visiting our planet for years, and that contact has been made, but the government is covering it up. Edgar Mitchell also claims that there has been crashed alien space craft, along with alien bodys recovered over the years. 

Edger is encouraging people to go out and educate themselves on the subject, so they can see for themselves all the compelling evidence that exists, and how real this is. If people do not believe a former astronaut that walked on the moon is telling the truth then nothing short of a alien probe is going to convince them.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

UFO, Aliens And Cattle Mutilation.

          On a farm in Tappen North Dakota in 2005, a farmer reported he had a cow that had been mutilated. It had strange markings on it and that even the predators wouldnt eat it. In the following months the family also reported seeing strange lights in various patterns in the sky.

The next year the families 16 year old son encountered 7 foot aliens, that had sharp bladed fingers dragging a dead pig away, the teen said that he had shot at the aliens but something grabbed him from behind and knocked him out.

When he woke up he didnt know what had happened to him but he had 5 slices in his shirt and a couple of scratches that didn't bleed. Later that year the strange lights returned and they reported to have had more livestock missing, along with other farmers in the area. Click the title for a link.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alien Abduction Caught On Tape!

          A UFO was caught on a surveillance camera in russia.The video shows a ball of light that abducts a man in the middle of the street. Stranger yet, two kids caught the same freaking thing on a cell phone. In the surveillance video you can even see the two kids there, one of them was sitting on a cannon, the other was filming. Heres a link for the first one UFO RUSSIA and heres the second one.

John Titor

       John Titor claimed he was a time traveler from the year 2036, who came back to the 1970's and again in 2000-2001. His first stop was to get a old IBM computer and bring it back to the future with him. He then stopped in the year 2000, and stayed till 2001, which in that time he made some prophecies on the internet on different chat lines, and explained alot of details of his time machine and why he was here. Some of them still exist today and you can read yourself just google "John Titor Chat".
     Most of his prophecies were wrong but he said his timeline was different then ours, and that somethings wouldn't be the same anyway. Also, Y2K happened for his world, which caused a civil war in his time. Some people speculate that he stopped Y2K for us and thats why the war never happened for our timeline. A couple of his prophecies did come true however eg: He said that a building will be missing out of the NY skyline,(a couple of months before 911) He also talked about cern and there studies with blackholes before they even knew. He also stated that the research they did there contributed to time travel, thats yet to be seen of course.
   The knowledge he had of the IBM computer he needed was uncanny, details and things it did that only a few people that built it knew about, which makes it even more mysterious. Crackpot or not its a very interesting story and i enjoyed researching it. Heres a good website for more on john titor.

Hubble See's 13.2 Billion Years In The Past!

            Nasa has announced on January 5th, 2010, that the Hubble telescope can now see 13.2 billion years, back in time, farther than ever before in space and time, only a mere 6 to 8 million years after the big bang. Nasa is now getting images of primordial galaxies billions of years old. This will show astronomers for the first time how galaxies grew from a small cluster of stars, to the big galaxies you see today. Because light has a speed limit, the farther a object is, the farther back in time we can see, this is how the Hubble can literally see 'Back in time'.

Spiral seen Over Norway Appeared In China In 1988

The spiral over norway aparently wasnt the first time this has happenend. China first experienced this phenomena in 1988, The offical explanation was that it was a failed russian missile,which is bullshit because you would have saw the missile in one of the pictures or video. And the russians are saying it wasn't theres. Heres a link for the one in  norway. Heres the one in china.

Is The Fourth Kind Footage Real?

The footage in the movie The Fourth Kind was supposed to be real but, after searching the web for 2 months i found that there isnt much out there, either its being covered up or, it doesn't exist.

It's most likely just footage that they made. The Dr and the sheriff in the movie are real people but deny that anything from the movie was true. I also couldn't find anything about her missing daughter either......too bad i was hoping for some soild evidence.