Saturday, January 16, 2010


Paranormal TV is showing full length documentaries and videos on Youtube for FREE! Here's a list of 10 of them that focus on UFO's. If your into paranormal documentaries go check it out, they have a ton of videos on lots of other paranormal topics like ghosts, monsters and the supernatural. They are not your typical Youtube length either, most of them are just under or over an hour, enjoy.

  • Tales Of the Unexplained: UFO chronicles.
  • UFO's Best Evidence, Government Cover-up.
  • Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape.
  • Monsters Of The UFO: Incident At Kelly.
  • The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone.
  • The Secret Nasa Transmissions.
  • UFO's The Best Evidence: The Visitors.
  • Top Secret Files: Rosewell Top Secret.
  • Stanton Friedman Is Real.
  • The Journey: The UFO Case Of Anthony Woods.

UFO Shoots Out A Laser!

     Here's a cool video of a UFO taken in Pittsburgh on October 10, 2009, by Alison Kruse. It shows infrared vision of a UFO at night. The UFO shoots a laser beam over a forest, for some unknown reason. She went back the next day and looked for any signs from the laser such as, burn marks, but was unable to find anything. She claims that she has seen these objects all summer and has lots of other videos to prove it. HERE'S THE LINK>>>>

Pilot dies Chasing UFO

        On January 7, 1948, residents at Maysville, Owensboro and Irvington had reported a UFO moving at a erratic pace. Numerous witnesses including a base commander seen it.

 Discriptions of the object was that it was white and looked like an upside down ice-cream cone. Four F-51s, were sent to investigate it, one of them was Captian Thomas Mantell. At 15000ft two of Mantells wingmen returned to Godman air field, there aircraft lacked oxygen.

When they reached the UFO Mantell radioed the control tower that the UFO was "metallic and tremendous in size". The two remaining wingmen dropped out they told Mantell that they were abandoning the intercept, but Mantell didn't respond, he made no further contact and continued to climb. At 3:15 his aircraft was missing, a search was launched immediately.

Just after 5:00pm the wreckage of his plane was found. The cause of the crash was later determined to be due to his lack of oxygen, which caused him to black out, and crash the plane.