Saturday, September 14, 2013

Compilation Of UFO Videos

Here is a compilation of UFO videos I came across browsing on YouTube.  This is a good example of  fakes mixed with true Unidentified flying objects. The second last video looks like CGI to me, and the very last one was made by an artist.

You have to be Leary of any videos you see if you are trying to help spread the truth on aliens.  You don't want to do the opposite and show people fakes, you discredited the subject and yourself.

Then there are the disinformation spreaders that mix lies with the truth just to throw you off if you are undecided of your stand on UFOs.  I am not saying the creator of the video is intentionally spreading disinformation, I think it is just a compilation of UFO videos that in his opinion are the best.  Click Here for the video.

Video Of Giant UFO

On September 1 2013, a man filming the International Space Station (ISS) caught more than just the space station on video.  The man that recorded the UFO claims that it is the size of an aircraft carrier, which I have to agree for how far it appears in the video, maybe even larger. Click Here for the video.

Astronaut Edgar Dean Mitchell Talks UFO Cover-Up

Video of retired astronaut Edgar Dean Mitchell talking about the on going UFO cover-up.  This man has nothing to gain and everything to lose trying to disclose the truth on UFOs.  Click here for the video >>>>