Friday, March 12, 2010

Possible Evidence of Time Travel

There has been a few interesting cases were archeologists have dug up some very strange thing like this for example Evidence of time travel. They found a watch made from this time period 400 years ago it even said "swiss" on it, when Switzerland wasn't even a country yet. Here is a website that also has some unexplained cases of possible timetravel Then there is the famous John Titor story, with all these cases I am starting to seriously wonder if we actually have been visited by time travelers.

More UFOs over Mexico

Mexico is undoubtedly a UFO hotspot, and it has yet again had another UFO sighting, it has also become famous for it's ufo flaps they had with the eclipse of 91, and also this flap as seen in this video UFO FLAP MEXICO. This new one shows a single UFO that has a different shape to it, unlike the ones in the famous flaps and it's closer, take a look>>>> New Mexican UFO.

Huge Triangular UFO Caught over China!

On January 28 2010, a huge triangle shaped UFO hovered over China, it was even on their local news. If this is a fake they should be making movies in Hollywood because this looks more real then the fake looking spaceships they put in their movies. Click here to watch>>>>