Saturday, December 31, 2011

Entity Caught on Cell Phone

A strange being was caught on video during a camping trip in South America. A kid was filming his friends when a strange being runs behind them at super speed, the kid with the camera See's it and tells his friends and couple seconds later it runs by again but this time one of the other boys See's it too.

The up loader of the video called it a "dimensional being" but it could be from our dimension too, it could be something from another galaxy or in our own galaxy, even from another time who knows? When something moves that fast it might have been here all along and this is just one of the first times we've noticed one on video.

Could be fake, it was filmed with a phone so the quality is bad and that is easier to manipulate but who knows, with 400 billion stars in our galaxy and 200 billion galaxies you can bet sure as shit we are not alone and that life is always interested in other life, look how stupid we are and we study all animals and even insects.

 I think life is probably rare in space but that's why beings with far Superior intelligence would be interested in us the same as we would in them, if not more. And the more rare life is in the galaxy, the more interested they would be. But also remember that with that many stars a million other life forms would be considered "rare". Click here for the video  >>>>

Friday, December 30, 2011

UFO May Have Caused Airshow Accident

A UFO may be responsible for the Russian Su27 crash at an airshow in Lvov, Ukraine, that killed 77 people and injured 543 in 2002. You can see a disc shaped object that flies in the path of the Su27 moments before the crash. Click here for the video >>>>

UFO Taken Over Pennsylvania

A pulsating UFO was caught on video on December 28, 2011 over Jeannette, Pennsylvania. The video was shoot with an infrared camera at night.

I like this video because the person filming shows what a man made air craft look like through the camera first then shows the UFO footage.  The person filming claims that over 40 others have come in person and witnessed the UFOs. Click here for the video >>>>

UFO Fleet Over Cowgill, Missouri

A Fleet of UFOs were captured on camera hovering over Cowgill, MO December 28th 2011. The witness claims that this was the fourth night in a row the UFO has shown up directly over their house. The witness also claims that the UFO releases "Little Ships" from it. Click here for the video >>>>

UFO Filmed Flying Close To Plane

Here's a video of a UFO flying over France, taken in December, 2011,  The UFO seems to be following the airplane. Click here for the video >>>>

Strange Looking UFO Over Mexico

Here's a strange looking UFO taken on 30/12/11 over Tijuana, Mexico. The person that uploaded the video says "it looked like an angel" . Click here for the video >>>>

Something Strange over Russia

Some thing strange was caught on video over Trekhgorny, Russia on 12,23,2011. This thing is weird it looks like there was smoke or vapor around it when it was first spotted, which tells me that could be from re-entree in to our atmosphere when anything comes through our atmosphere it burns up could this be what happened here? Click here for the video >>>>

Here is another video of the same object taken the same day, Click here >>>>

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Giant UFOs Around the Sun Are Back!

More pictures and videos have surfaced of the giant UFOs that have been flying near our sun for the last couple years. The size of these objects are planet size. When you have an object that big performing those maneuvers it would take an enormous amount of energy.

This should be proof to those who think that having the energy to travel through space is not possible. It is not only possible but there are other civilizations doing it. When people say that it is impossible to have that much energy they are using humans limited knowledge of physics, something that would seem impossible to us would be easy as pie for them. Just imagine if you took an Ipod back a couple hundred years ago, they would have said it was magic and burned you at the stake.

 Even using our limited knowledge we understand ways to get that energy such as antimatter, the stuff CERN is producing right now. They are still only harnessing it for a fraction of a second and it is microscopic but they are are still doing it and it is possible. Aliens probably get it from collapsed stars.

Another way is anti gravity which requires very little energy to move it since the craft is getting no resistance from gravity. There are ways to travel vast distances and the elite know about it but they don't want their slaves to know that there is much more to our lives then just being consumer sheeple. But most people refuse to believe that their government is full of shit because they are too brainwashed.

The Governments hire people to throw out disinformation to make it hard for you to find the truth and for those brainwashed sheeple to have something to cling to when they run into a truth seeker or start having independent thoughts. Click here for the video >>>>