Saturday, January 29, 2011

Very Convincing Piece Of UFO Footage *UPDATE*

*UPDATED* (THIS IS A HOAX!) This is just a part of a viral marketing scheme or disinformation to screw with us. In Jerusalem, Israel at 1am  January 28th a large ball shaped UFO was caught on tape, at around one minute into the video the UFO descends almost to the ground. The craft just hovers there for a little while, then you see a flash of light (not sure if it was being shot at or what?) then it just shoots straight up in the sky.

Shortly after that you can see some red lights in the sky that are blinking as if they are all part of one large object, (possible mother ship for the smaller object). Hopefully more video from other people will surface to rule out CGI. If this is real it would be some of the best UFO footage ever seen. Click here for the link >>>>>

New UFO Video Filmed Over B.C. Canada

A UFO was filmed over Vancouver Island on January 22, 2011. They filmed the strange object for a while which adds credibility to the story. What ever he was filming was actually there and it looks big. Click here for the video >>>