Sunday, November 18, 2012

UFO In Russia Lands 9 Foot Aliens Emerge From Craft

Here's an older UFO case from Russia that took place in 1989.  A alien spacecraft supposedly landed in one of the cities public parks. Three 9' tall aliens emerged from the craft. It was witnessed by many people in the area, immediately after the incident scientists, military, and geologists, went to study the site and take samples.

The media there went crazy over it. Isn't it strange we never heard anything of it proof that they keep the public in the dark about the sightings world wide, they just tell the local public when they can't lie and call it a weather balloon. Now with the internet they can't hide it anymore. Here is the link.

Awesome looking UFO in Russia

Video of a UFO taken in Russia earlier this year. This may be a experimental craft, but it appears to morph into other shapes. That may be beyond our technology but who knows. The secret military projects are most likely at least 30 years more advanced than what they say. Here is the link see for yourself.