Friday, July 15, 2011

UFO Fun Facts

The first person to say "flying saucer" was a pilot named Kenneth Arnold on June 24 1947. Arnold reported to have seen nine UFOs performing unusual maneuvers at incredible speeds.

1947 was one hell of a year for UFO activity, there was Arnold's case plus "Foo Fighter" reports and of course the famous Roswell incident and the lesser known San Agustin Plains UFO crash. Click HERE for a interview with Kenneth Arnold, or here for the URL >>>>

Incredible UFO footage Near volcano

A video of UFOs flying around an active volcano, one of the UFOs quickly flys into view and stops dead then hides in a cloud. Not sure of when or were it was taken from. The video says Japan, July 14th, but there was no recent volcano activity in Japan.

If it was from Japan it is from the March 14th eruption, there was however an eruption today in Indonesia, nearly 1,000 residents have fled. Click here for link on the Indonesia eruption. >>>> .   (6.0 earthquake shook Chile today as well)

I am searching the videos of the Indonesia volcano, as there will most likely be UFO activity there too, but for now, you must see this >>>>

UFOs Filmed Flying By The Moon

Here is a very interesting video of UFOs that were filmed flying by the moon. They seemed to match the curvature of the moon so they were extremely close to it. This shows us that the objects must have been massive to show up on camera and be that far away and that close to the moon. Click here for the video >>>>

Compilation of UFO Fleet Videos

Here's a video compilation of UFO fleets that have been filmed around the world recently, it also includes some NASA footage and a lot of video of orbs. These orbs were seen over Mexico in 1991, and again in 2000-2001 in massive armada's, but now they are appearing more frequently, almost every week.

Since everyone has a camera now expect to see some incredible footage within the next few months, not just of orbs but all kinds of craft. Click here for the video >>>>