Thursday, March 17, 2011

UFO filmed on the Day Japan's Tsunami and Earthquake

Now this one is very strange, a UFO appears to hide behind some tree's then you see a transparent object (not sure if it is the same object) jump over the same tree's and flies away. Then you see another invisible object streak across the video. If this isn't a hoax it is good evidence of a real alien craft. Click here for the video >>>> .

UFOs over Japan Taken Before and After The Earthquake and Tsunami

There were strange objects seen before and after Japan's earthquakes and tsunami, here are the supposed videos of the objects.

Please note that there are a lot of videos that are going around the Internet that are years before the earthquake but assholes are just taking advantage of the situation and claiming are new, and some of them are not even from Japan. If you know that any of these videos are as mentioned please inform me and I will take them off immediately.

This first one shows a fleet of objects taken before the earthquake. Click here >>>> .

Not sure when this one was taken but it looks like the same fleet of objects. Click here >>>>

Another video of the fleet of UFOs Click here >>>>

This one is supposedly taken after the tsunami. Click here >>>> .

This one was taken a few months before the quake on January 14th 2011, but it is interesting. Click here >>> .

Here is one that was supposed to have been taken the day of the earthquake tsunami. Click here >>>> .

Another one taken after the earthquake and tsunami.Click here >>>> .

Compilation of UFOs over Japan durring and after Tsunami

Compilation of numerous videos of UFOs taken from Japan after the earthquake and tsunami that hit there. Click here for the Video >>>>

UFOs over Moscow

A video that shows UFOs over Moscow on January 25 2011, is circling the Internet. It shows numerous strange lights hovering and flying over the city. Click here for the video >>>>

UFO over San Bernardino

Here is an interesting video of a UFO taken on March 1st 2011, over a mountain in San Bernardino California. It shows a disc shaped object that is hovering over the mountain then shoots straight up in the sky at an incredible speed. Click here for the video >>>>

UFO over Massive Building Fire in Beijing

A UFO was caught on tape by accident while filming a massive fire in a building in Beijing. The UFO is very black and doesn't seem to reflect light. On a different note does anyone else ask themselves why building 7 and the twin towers supposedly came down by fire when this building burns longer and has much bigger fire but remains standing?

If you are one of the sheeple that say it was because the planes hit them you are wrong because a plane never hit building 7 but it still came down and turned to dust..... We may have killed 2 birds with one stone with this video, proof of aliens and that 911 was an inside job. Click here for the video >>>>

Here is another video showing the building the next day and guess what? It is still standing, and look how the piece fell that did fall off it just fell over it didn't explode and turn to dust like the WTC.

Police Witnessed UFO over Texas

Here's a video from "Fox and Friends" of a UFO over Texas that the police witnessed and was confirmed by FAA radar. This video is for all you skeptics that use the excuse that "only trailer park people witness UFOs".

You can't get much more credible then a police officer. When I hear that piss-poor excuse I usually just point to the "Disclosure Project" that has hundreds of ex-military and government officials swearing that they saw aliens and or UFOs, but everyday more and more very credible people are seeing with there own eyes that aliens exist. Click here for the video >>>