Thursday, March 17, 2011

UFOs over Japan Taken Before and After The Earthquake and Tsunami

There were strange objects seen before and after Japan's earthquakes and tsunami, here are the supposed videos of the objects.

Please note that there are a lot of videos that are going around the Internet that are years before the earthquake but assholes are just taking advantage of the situation and claiming are new, and some of them are not even from Japan. If you know that any of these videos are as mentioned please inform me and I will take them off immediately.

This first one shows a fleet of objects taken before the earthquake. Click here >>>> .

Not sure when this one was taken but it looks like the same fleet of objects. Click here >>>>

Another video of the fleet of UFOs Click here >>>>

This one is supposedly taken after the tsunami. Click here >>>> .

This one was taken a few months before the quake on January 14th 2011, but it is interesting. Click here >>> .

Here is one that was supposed to have been taken the day of the earthquake tsunami. Click here >>>> .

Another one taken after the earthquake and tsunami.Click here >>>> .

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