Monday, January 9, 2012

Insane Amount Of UFOs Filmed World Wide On New Years Eve

There was UFOs reported all over the world on new years. 2012, is already starting to look like it will be another record breaking year for UFO sightings and I guarantee it will be. Here are some videos taken over various cities around the world on new years eve.

All these were taken over Taiwan all by different people with different angles:
    It even made the News there, click here for that.  >>>>

This one was taken over Sweden. >>>>

Another one over Hermosa Beach. >>>>

This one was over Melbourne, Australia "warning harsh language" must be bad for me to give a warning :).  >>>>

This one taken over Treasure Coast, Florida made some insane maneuvers no way it was a plane and it lasted too long to be fireworks check it out. >>>>

These two were of the same objects were taken over Hollywood, Florida:
These were all taken over Florida in various cities:
This was taken over Baltimore Md. >>>>

Another one from Australia this time over Sydney. >>>>

Here's one from Vancouver Island, Canada. >>>>

This one is from Russia.  >>>>

This one is a day time shot taken over Japan. >>>>

There is still more that I didn't post but I am going to stop there. There is just too many from that night, if I find enough and they are interesting I will post them later. I expect to see a huge increase in UFOs this year, unfortunately I also expect an increase in disasters So be prepared have a emergency supply kit and plan for natural disasters prone to your region but also expect the unexpected. Peace

UFO New Years Sighting

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This picture (above) was sent to me from Brian in Boston, he snapped a picture a strange object over the city on new years eve.  Here's his description of what he saw.

"This was the taken right after it elevated on it's first pass. It was moving from right to left. It was traveling at a steady pace at first, then it sped up as it elevated.  It then slowed down when it got closer to the fireworks. It seemed to hover and then continued to the left and disappeared.  I couldn't hear it due to the fireworks. When it reappeared to the right.  It went across the sky a little faster and didn't change direction.  The second time it was silent"

Here's a close up of the object and below it is an inverted image I made of it, you can see what appears to be an energy field around the object? Thanks for the picture and the description Brian!

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