Friday, April 29, 2011

Declassified UFO Footage From the Soviet Ministry of Defence

Amazing footage of a UFO filmed by the Russian military taken in mid flight by fighter jets. This is truly not from this planet and is solid evidence for those crazy skeptics. I swear the excuses they come up with are more unbelievable then the UFOs themselves. Click here for the video >>>>

Strange Lights over Killeen Texas

Video of strange lights that were filmed over Killeen, Texas in March 2011. It starts with just two lights then more slowly appear one after another. Click here for the video >>>>

Fleet of UFO's over France

Here is a recent video of  a fleet of UFOs that were filmed over France, not much information on this one just the video. Click here >>>>

Sunday, April 10, 2011

UFOs Hovering Over Italy

Some red glowing spheres or orbs appeared over Italy on April 10 2011, These red spheres are often seen with triangle shaped UFOs. I have seen these red spheres with my own eyes along with a triangle sighting I witnessed myself.

In the next few days I will post some of my own sightings that I have had seen over the years. I never bothered to post them because I have no proof other than my word and a couple of witnesses that were with me.

However I have been getting requests from people who want to know what I saw because my faith in UFOs comes from what I have seen with my own eyes and people want to know what I saw that makes me believe so strongly that we are not alone so I will post some of my sightings here in the next few days.

This video sends chills down my spine because they are exactly what I saw with the triangle UFO I witnessed. Click here for the Italy sighting >>>>

UFO Formation Over Arizona

A formation of unknown objects was recorded over Arizona on April 8th 2011.This was seen by hundreds of people and in the video you can see other people filming as well so there are other videos of these same objects. Click here for the video >>>>

Friday, April 8, 2011

UFO After 7.2 Earthquake Japan

Another earthquake (7.4) has hit Japan this coming just weeks after Japan was rocked by a 9.0 quake and tsunami. When the first quake hit there were many reports of strange objects seen over Japan and this most recent earthquake has produced more strange sightings reported over Japan.

Here is a video of a strange light in the sky the moment the earthquake hit. Click here for the video >>>>

UFO Reports From Around The World

Here is a video that shows all the recent sightings that have been reported recently and have made to the main stream media. The person who made the video is asking why is the media is starting to report UFOs on a regular basis.

I think they are conditioning us for full disclosure because they know with all the social networks out there people are reporting the UFOs before they have a chance to make their typical piss poor excuses. Now they upload straight to YouTube or face book and twitter.

Now it has become to hard for them to suppress this secret anymore. PS: The report from the Art Bell radio program is a well known hoax. Click here for the video >>>>

Columbia UFO Sighting

In March 2011, over Columbia UFOs were filmed during a thunder storm. There are a lot of strange lights in this video. I originally thought it was ball lightning but the UFOs lasted far to long to be ball lightning. Click here for the video >>>> .

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Many UFO Reports Over LA

For the last few weeks people have been reporting UFO sightings over LA. I got an Email last week from a Stevie Locks from LA who reported to me an oval shaped UFO that had been seen over LA at approximately 5:15 pm on March 28 2011, and asked me if  I heard of any other UFO sightings.

At the time of the Email I didn't know of any but once I looked into it I found quite a few reports of UFOs over La in the last few weeks like this one from this website (HERE) that was witnessed the same night of Stevie Locks.

Here is a video of a UFO that was taken over Sherman Oaks, March 31-2011. Click here >>>> .

This video was shot just a few days ago over Los Angeles CA.  Click here >>>>

More UFOs reported over LA on these websites (HERE) and (HERE).

Special thanks to Stevie Locks for reporting his sighting and bringing my attention to the recent UFO activity over LA. If anyone else has seen anything over LA. recently please send me an Email at .

Friday, April 1, 2011

UFOs Filmed Over Pennsylvania

A woman in Pennsylvania recorded this footage and many others of strange looking objects in the night sky over Westmoreland County.

Many people have been reporting these objects in the surrounding area as well. Some of these however look like they might be experimental military aircraft and not aliens.

It could also be military craft reverse engineered from alien technology, they are not normal aircraft. Click here for the video >>>>

More UFOs over Japan

Awesome footage of a fleet of UFOs over Japan filmed on March 31, 2011. If this isn't CGI it is one of the best UFO videos out there because nothing can move like these objects do. Click here for the video >>>> .