Thursday, June 10, 2010

What are all these spirals appearing in the skies world Wide?

What are these spirals appearing all over the world lately? The most recent one was on June 5, 2010, over Australia had people in a spiral wondering what the hell it was. This is the fourth one that has appeared in a short period of time, not very long ago they were reported over Norway, China, Russia, and now you can add Australia to the list.

What are these things and why is the government not coming up with better lies and cover ups they keep using the same BS story over and over and that is "It's a Missile". I am tired over hearing that same crap, I don't think anyone will believe that excuse any more. The odds of missiles spiraling out of control that many times and in that short of a time span is more unbelievable than the aliens themselves.

All I can say is if that is how good the defense missiles work then we are in a awful lot of trouble and I will be looking at the sky all the time worried that they will drop one of these on a highly populated area. If that is, how bad they work there would have been a lot more sightings and videos of it by now and a lot of deaths from missiles spiraling out of control.

However I don't buy that missile story at all, I think it may be a byproduct of the propulsion system of this certain type of alien craft and we may have witnessed the after effects of a warp jump or wormhole.

It could also be a hoax but given the crappy quality of the videos it is very hard to fake them and match the grain and the shaking of the crappy camera quality and still look real. If you want to see a fake, look at the disinformation that was put out recently by one of our lying governments, somebody made a fake video of these spirals and called it "spiral over Canada", that footage there is a obvious fake. Most likely an attempt to discredit the real videos.

If it is missiles Walmart better change there signs to "Watch out for falling missiles" Thanks for reading.