Friday, January 22, 2010

The Abbreviation UFO Is Often Misinterpreted

UFO stands for unidentified flying object, and when we talk about UFOs we are generally talking about a alien spacecraft, hence when you see videos on youtube that say they caught a UFO on video, they think its a alien space craft they caught, but they call it a UFO, here's an example. that's not what UFO means it doesn't stand for alien spacecraft and because we identified it as being a spacecraft its no longer unidentified. So why do we call it a UFO? At least it should be called a IFO an identified flying object, lol. Sometimes we do hear it referred to as "Flying Saucer", but that's not accurate either, because some of them are shaped like "triangles" or "cigars" even balls of light like the "Foo Fighters" of WW II. I believe it should be changed to something that makes more sense like, a AFO, a Alien flying Object. Or a ETV that's sounds cool a Extra Terrestrial Vehicle. In future pubs I make, I think I may start to refer to it as a ETV, after all it does make more sense than UFO, and it sounds better, like a ATV or RV we all know what those stand for, so people should be able to remember it fairly easy.

When I was a kid I thought a UFO literally meant a alien spacecraft (I know what your thinking, stupid kid!) and when I found out what it really meant I was disappointed because to me it was almost like it discredited it a little. When I thought of UFO as meaning a spaceship it seemed more real to me, like they existed and that's what there called, then i found out that it meant unidentified flying object and it took away the validity a little for me. I bet when your learning English as a second language it confuses them a little too. So lets call it a ETV and avoid the confusion. What do all of you think of the idea? leave me a comment if you like it or not ,or leave a comment of what you think it should be called I am all ears. I would also like to hear from someone that has English as a second language and see if they misinterpreted it. Thanks for reading, and live long and prosper, Alien out.

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