Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spiral over Canada is a Hoax

A new video surfaced a few days ago and it got my attention. It was a spiral seen over Canada, I was very interested when I heard that because I thought of all those other spirals that have been popping up around the world like Norway and China so I was busy looking into it, but it was all for nothing, and it turned out to be hoax. The first video I saw was a CGI and I thought this was a obvious fake and I was wasting my time but then alot of other videos appeared and the weather website had also done a report on it. That got me thinking that maybe there was something to this after all, and it could be real, so I started looking into it and the only explaination I have from what I saw and heard, it just looks like a hoax, and it looks like alot of people fell for it and still are. The secret government likes to do this once in a while it's called disinformation, that is were they send some yahoo's out and start fake stories to get the public thinking it's all fake and hopefully you will leave it alone. Well it did'nt work here nice try though.

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