Monday, December 3, 2012

UFO Flap Over Indiana Linked To Recent Explosions?

It sure does seem like where ever you see a UFO flap there was either a disaster that has happened or is about to happen. Indiana has had it share of sightings in the past like these videos here. This one was in 2008. "2008 Sighting"   This looks similar to the orb shaped one filmed later the next year.

This one was taken on September 26 2009  "Daylight Sighting" .

 And again that same year. "UFO ORBS Over Indiana" . These are not the only ones there are a lot more but I just wanted to throw a few examples your way.

But this year it's been a  a UFO hotspot! This was caught on video in February earlier this year.  "ORB"

Here is another one a few months later, this one is interesting it has a bunch of other smaller lights that appear all around the craft. "Strange Lights"

And now this just happened a few days ago. It was witnessed by too many people so the local News had to report on it. The woman that filmed it says that there were "20 to 30 of them". The broadcaster even asked people to let them know if they saw it. They are probably wondering how many people saw it so they know how hard it will be to cover up.   "Indiana UFO News".

I wonder if these sighting have anything to do with the explosions that are happening there. In case you haven't heard houses are exploding for unknown reasons there.

Was there huge amounts of energy being released there for some reason? Do the occupants of these craft know about events before hand?

There are at least 5 that I have heard of in the last few weeks. Here is a video that explains one of the explosions. "Indiana Explosions"