Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2012 And The UFO Connection!

The Mayans were and extremely intellegent civilization that lived as far back as 5000 BC, some of their ancestors are still alive today. But for some mysterious reason they abandoned there great citys long ago. The Mayans where known for their precise measurments of time and astronomy, and were known to have used 20 calendars simultaneously. The Mayans believed their Gods where from the pleiades system, who told them where in the galaxy it was and where we were and how many planets we have in our solar system before telescopes. They also had detailed global maps and even knew the shape of antartica, something we didnt know till seismographic tests were done in the 50's. December 21 2012 has become real popular the last few years, lots of movies and media atention, along with alot of predictions and prophecies. Some think the world is going to end or that there will be a polar shift that will cause alot of natural disasters, or that this planet called nibiru will travel through our solar system wreaking havoc on everything. The Mayans belief is that on Dec 21 2012 their god will return, also their long count calendar "13 Baktun" (which is more acurate then ours BTW)  Would come to an end. I think this has something to do with all the UFO sightings lately,their legends tell of spaceships that come from the stars. Maybe we will have time travel technology soon and time for us wont exist anymore. Perhaps this alien race has mastered time travel and will share it with us. What ever happens we live in very exciting times right now and I think we will see some crazy shit in the next few years.

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