Friday, February 5, 2010

The Foo Fighters

When I Say "Foo Fighters", I am not talking about the rock band, I am referring to the foo fighters of WWII. Foo fighters were these little balls of light that varied in color and size, some were a few inches across, some were a couple feet.

These balls of light would follow warplanes confusing all sides, everyone thought they were the opposing enemies new technology. They had alot of attention back then and even Time magazine wrote an artical on them in 1945.
These are some of the reported sightings: In 1943, US bomber pilots flying from Burma to China reported being followed and circled by glittering objects, their instruments failed to operate until the object left.

On August 10, 1944 a B29 Bomber on a mission over Palembang Sumatra occupants reported a intense red or orange sphere that pulsated.

It stayed with them for about 8 minutes then made a sharp 90 degree turn and zipped away. On October 14, 1943, US B17s flying over Schweinfurt Germany, when they encountered a fleet of tiny silvery disks that were flying toward them in formation. The UFOs were only 4" in diameter and one of them even hit the plane but had no effect on it.

Another incident was on December 22, 1944, Lt David Mcfalls of the US 415th fighter squadron was over Hagenau Germany where, at 6:00am he saw 2 bright orange lights climbing toward the plane. Mcfalls dived and banked and turned his plane, but the UFOs Stuck with him for 2 minutes then took off and blinked out.

One pilot has reported seeing them two times in his life, Dwane Adams claims he first saw them at the end of WWII flying a B25 bomber and then again in the early 1960s, while piloting a KC135 tanker. Both incidents had a bright light that followed his planes and both times the whole crew witnessed the UFOs.

During WWII captured enemy airmen were interrogated and revealed that both the German and Japanese fliers had reported these things following them. Most of the accounts over the years the people claim that the objects didn't seem aggressive, they are still reported to this day.

 I think they are a type of probe from an advanced race that use them for reconnaissance. For all you skeptics out there, here's some Foo Fighter lyrics for you "Cheer Up Boys (your Make-Up Is Running)".

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