Saturday, March 20, 2010

ET3 the Future of Transportation.

Are you tired of the long plane and bus trips? Have you ever traveled across the country or worse, to the other side of the planet? You're jet lagged, you have to make stops on the way and switch planes, your internal clock gets messed up, and it's very expensive? Then there are the delayed flights like the 16 hour flightmare Virgin America recently put there passengers through. (If you haven't seen it yet here it is Land of the free everyone, until you want a cookie then we throw your @$$ in jail!
Well thank God there is a new way to travel, it's called ET3 ( and the technology to build it exist today, you could go to the other side of the planet in just 2 hours and at a fraction of the cost of a plane ticket. ET3 can go up to an amazing 4000 MPH, It would run in a vaccum tube with the air sucked out so you wouldn't feel any G-force. It would also be in a fairly straight line so you wouldn't feel any inersha; like you would taking a turn driving in your car.
But will they build it? I unfortunately doubt it. Some of the most powerful people in the world own the oil companies and I doubt that they will give up their money and control over the people so easily. They should be worried about the damage they are causing using fossil fuels and we will soon run out of them, they should be building things like this now, why wait for some catastrophe to make them realize we need to take action now, look at what's happening all over the planet lately there are natural disasters every week something is wrong, they need to spend there money on things like this instead of bombing other counties for their black gold. This is AlienVisitor saying "Please don't take me to your leader".

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