Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why did the Vatican Announce it's ok to Believe in Aliens?

Why did the Vatican say it's ok to believe in aliens? Why after all these years would they decide to come out and say this, are they preparing us for a coming event?

Does it have something to do with what the Mayans say will happen in 2012? The Mayans believe that on December 21, 2012, their Gods will return. Their Gods are reptilian creatures from the Pleiades system.

Kukulkan is the name of one of there Gods and he is referred to as "The Feathered Serpent". Is Kukulkan one of these reptilian aliens we hear so much about? I have read alot of articles and watched alot of videos of alien abduction cases and other people who have had contact with aliens and they describe the same type of being as the Mayans did.

Of course, there are supposed to be alot of other creatures described in these encounters like the grays or the humanoids, (On the disclosure project they said they cataloged 57 different species) but the reptilians are one of the most common.

On December 21, 2012, another event will happen that is when the Mayan long count calendar comes to a end, why does there long count calendar end when their Gods return?

What will happen on that day that is so significant to end their calendar? They say that is the end of this cycle and a transition will occur.
Is this one of the reasons we are having all these natural disasters, is the earth preparing for something too or is it trying to warn us?

That brings me back to the Vatican, do they know something that we don't, do some of the books and scrolls they keep from the public say something about these coming events?

What ever happens I hope it is alien contact, it's alot better then all those doomsday senarios we hear about, although the way the planets been lately you have to wonder if some of those apocalyptic stories are true, but they cried wolf so many times we don't know when to believe it.

 Usually something bad happens and then it wakes people up to do something good, its too bad we need the "bad" to happen first before we can do the good. Perhaps this is the transition that will occur that the Mayan told us of.

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