Sunday, September 26, 2010

Former Military Officials to Disclose Aliens Tomorrow

Tomorrow in Washington Former military officials will once again try to disclose the UFO secret. The public never listened to their last attempts to inform the public of the truth, I hope it will be different this time. Click here to watch the Broadcast that was aired on Sept 26th, 2010, on Fox News. >>>

One of them to attend is, ICBM launch officer Captain Robert Salas, was on duty during a "missile disruption" incident at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana and was ordered to never talk about it.

Another one to attend is retired Colonel Charles Halt, he observed a disc-shaped object directing beams of light into the RAF Bentwaters airbase in England and heard on the radio that they landed in the nuclear weapons storage area. I wonder what excuses the skeptics and media will come up with or are they finally going to have full alien disclosure? have they finally gotten tired of lying to the people or is something coming in the near future and they have no choice but to tell us?

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