Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Compilation of UFO Sightings In The News

This video is a compilation of UFO stories that have appeared on various News channels. This is a good sign that disclosure is imminent, they will start showing them in the media more and more to gradually condition the public to the idea that aliens exist.

 I think that the government knows something that will occur very soon, something that will prove to everyone once and for all that aliens exist, and now they have no choice but to tell the people what they have been hiding for years so they are slowly letting it out to the general public.

The most common excuse they use is the Orson Wells "War of the worlds" excuse, that the world would panic if they thought aliens exist but I believe that is just a scapegoat they use so they don't have to share all the technology they stole from the aliens using reverse engineering. Click here for the video >>>>

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