Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Video of New Evidence on the Mysteries of the Pyramids

I came across this series of videos a couple of weeks on my quest for the truth. It is called the Pyramid Code and it has eaten up almost all my time looking into the amazing things that were explained in the videos. In a way this is also an apology to the people that come to my page for information, I usually post things quite regularly but I have been wrapped up in this for a while so I thought I would just let everyone know what I have been doing. (just in case you thought I was abducted or something) ;). This video (quite simply put) blew my mind! and I have been looking in to our forgotten history more than ever.

I was always fascinated by the pyramids and from what I read of them I came to the same conclusion as many others and that is this there is just no way these things were made from the same Egyptians we have read in our very inaccurate history books.

The reasons for my doubt was the fact that some of these blocks weigh 200 tonnes and some of the quarries they were taken from are far far away and they would have had to go over mountains and rivers just to get them there. There is no way they were taken to the pyramids from that distance by a race of people that used hammers and chisels.

The quarries themselves prove they used more than primitive tools because there are marks on the rocks were the blocks were taken from that looks like they were cut by a laser, instead of chisel marks and chunks of rocks that should have been all over, there are only perfectly straight lines as if made by only one straight cut

Speaking of chisels some of the artifacts that are around the pyramids have perfectly round holes only an inch or more across but all the way through a piece of solid quartz and there was an basin or mold in the middle of the stone. And there are giant crystal alters with perfect circles cut in middle of it. All the monuments and artifacts have no chisel marks and look as if they were cut by lasers that is not possible for a people of there intelligence and with the primitive tools they had.

Engineering is another problem I have with what we been told since we can not duplicate that precision today, most of our bigger building are off by a couple feet but the pyramids are only off by mere inches and they are made out of giant rocks, plus you cant even stick a razor blade between the cuts that how straight each block was. You can tell what buildings the Egyptians that we were taught in school built, the rocks they used were no where near the size the craftsman ship was a lot poorer the geometry was no were near as complex. To put it quite frankly the buildings they built looked like shit compared to the pyramids

The date of the pyramids have always been questioned and with this new evidence and understanding we have they can be dated to as far back as 200,000 years now. One of the ways to figure out the age of the pyramids is to use the migration of the river Nile. It moves a certain amount of distance each year and when you use that as a measurement it puts them back to the same date 200,000 years. Another way is to use astronomy and the position of the constellation Orion when it was in line with the pyramids and again you get the same date.

Now lets look at some of the new findings that made me believe even more that they were not made by the Egyptians that we read about. Hakim Awyane said that there are channels of water under the Great Pyramid that have certain type of rocks so when the water flows through it ionizes the water and creates and energy, this coupled with the energy the white limestone finish the pyramid used to be coated with harnessed from the sun would have created a powerful energy.

It is said that the Mayans and the Dogans (who's religion by the way is eerily similar) structures also emitted similar energy and that these together would create a world wide energy field that we could use as a free power source, they also say that this energy could possible affect our consciousness and may possibly give us "God like powers". No wonder they won't even let you look at a lot of the Egyptian artifacts anymore or enter the pyramids, they will not even let you take a photograph of the ones you are allowed to enter.

My opinion is that these mysterious structures all over the world were made by aliens, probably from the stars in Orion's belt and that they built these to create a heaven on earth or a utopia of sort. It has been theorized by others that when these devices were turned on we might have had the ability to transport our bodies anywhere on the planet (similar to beaming on Star Trek) and the possibility to create things with our mind and also various forms telepathic abilities and perhaps other super human powers we can't even begin to imagine.

We need to expand our consciousness and open our minds so we can all come together as one, and with the Internet we are already on our way there, then we as a community can demand that we restore these awesome devices and turn them back on so we can return to our original way of life, a life of peace and harmony with everyone and our planet and all the living things on it. There wouldn't be greed or envy anymore when you can have anything your heart desires. The governments will do everything in there power to keep this secret and hidden from us because how do you control a nation of Gods.

Spread the word people, tell everyone to at least watch this series of videos, we need to return to our old way of life instead of this corrupt, greedy, money hungry, selfish society we have become. The next time someone asks what you are you tell them "an earthling", thanks for reading. Click here for the video >>>

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