Saturday, June 18, 2011

Natural Disasters Will Get Worse

All the natural disasters going on around the world have been getting worse but we are just seeing the beginning of the whats to come. If you haven't done so yet start stocking up on all the basic necessities you don't want to wait until mother nature tears you a new one before you stock up because once it hits it is too late, the shelves at the stores will be empty.

If you are broke then you better learn how to survive off the land but in some places there will be no land to live off of eg: (like forest fires) I am not trying to scare anyone but we are running out of time the world economy will eventually collapse from all the natural disasters and you don't want to be unprepared when it does.

 Even if you don't believe it what harm would it do to have an emergency kit and enough food and water for as long as possible? This is just a small taste of what it will be like, we are going to have tornado's in parts of the world were they usually never get them and the places that they normally occur will get monster size ones. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, floods will all increase in strength and frequency.

Here is a couple of tornado's that happened recently. Here's a video of tornadoes that ripped through Massachusetts, click here >>>> click here for the Joplin Tornado >>>> , and another one from Tuscaloosa, click here >>>>

We will experience more destructive earthquakes like the one in Japan, click here >>>> , and this one in Christchurch, click here >>>>

With the earthquake's we can expect volcano's to become unstable as well, like this one in Chile, click here >>>>

Forest fires will get worse too, like these videos here, the first one is from the forest fire that destroyed part of  Slave Lake in Alberta Canada, click here  and this Forrest fire in Arizona, click here >>>>

Floods are happening world wide like these articles of floods around the world, first one is from Nebraska, click here >>>>
This one is from Canada of a flood in Manitoba, click here >>>>  and in Australia, click here >>>>

Natural disasters is not all that happened this year we also have had mass deaths of animals, flocks birds falling out of the sky, click here >>>> . Fish dying at a mass scale like this article where thousands of fish washed ashore in the US, click here >>>>

There was a lot more places around the world that has had a natural disaster this year, (keep in mind these were all this year and this is only a small fraction of them). The hurricane season is just starting now too and we can expect those to be worse as well. This unfortunately is just the beginning and it will get worse world wide.

UFOs will be on the rise too like they already are but they will become even more frequent. They seem to show up either weeks or days before a bad natural disaster so keep an eye on that too, use them as a warning.

I think this is a part of the coming age of enlightenment as the Mayan spoke of, it is not the end, it is the beginning of our spiritual journey, but it will get tough, however when it is over we will hopefully finally be truly free. I think we need this to rid the world of this evil power hungry controlling system we are slaves of.

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