Monday, September 5, 2011

Dozens of Laredo residents See UFOs

Dozens of Laredo residents woke up before 4:00 AM  to see a bright light in the sky, that many people are now saying what they saw was a UFO in the sky over south Laredo, Texas, it was caught on camera August 23, 2011.
Its the second night in a row its been spotted. Witnesses posted details on Facebook of what they saw.
One person said "it was a bright white light and turned to two, then back to one". Other witnesses say it was flying around the south Laredo area, then flew back up to central Laredo towards loop twenty and then back around and down highway 83 before it disappeared.

Residents in the Chacon creek area say they see helicopters daily and this was no helicopter, and it was flying too low to be a commercial plane but was completely silent
Over 150 comments flooded another Facebook page commenting on the sighting that has believers intrigued.
 There are some who are taking the sighting very seriously wondering what was seen in the skies of Laredo last night. Click here for the video >>>>

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